Distinguish the types of head parts of current screws

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Distinguish the types of head parts of current screws

When it comes to screws that nobody knows about this product, they are one of the essential and important mechanical products in the working life in construction and construction is indispensable with many functions to help create clues. associated with appliances together.

How to classify screw heads

Currently, the development and production of screws is more and more widely used, so there are more and more types of screws with separate structure and function. So when you look at it, can you tell which nails are screws?

Today we will share with you how to identify the types of screws through their head structure.
- Slotted disc shaped head, cross groove, square groove:

The groove section allows specialized tools such as screwdrivers, ... to easily open screws from objects. The cross-section part helps to limit this problem, however, this design limits tightening.

There was an adjustment to the original cross-section, significantly inventing Pozidriv, which had no rounded corners, making the disc head difficult to burst. The disc section of Robertson or square groove is less likely to burst and convert a large amount of torque.

The first part is round or pan shaped:

The top of the pan is a new version of the circle and has a thicker overhang. At the same time, this pan will help openers such as screwdrivers, .. easier to grip than the circle.

Flat and oval head:

Is a popular type in the wood industry. This head end is equal to or below the surface of the wood when installed. The oval shape is similar, except that the circular shape is decorated to maintain the surface.

Safety head:

This type of screw does not have the ability to rotate and requires specialized openers. Some types include wrench (two small drill holes), Torx-type screwdrivers. Some have a head that easily breaks when the screw is installed.

Half-round head:

This half-round screw type is flat and wider than a round or pan-shaped head, with the same purpose. They can be found commonly in license plates.
For machine screws:

Machine screws are generally stronger than wooden screws, with smaller and more precise threads.

While hexagonal screw caps can be found in vehicle vehicles, hole head screws are increasingly popular and have a more convenient storage space. The head of the hole takes up little space and does not require many types of wrench. At the same time, they are made from alloy steel. However, it also depends on the level and manufacturer.

Hexagon or Torx type:

Most hole head screws are suitable for Allen wrench or hexagon wrench. The Torx test head is designed to limit the opening of the top cover, and can convert torque more than the shape of a cross groove or groove. At the same time, it does not take much effort to put the tool's vortex into the hole.

Screw with shoulder:

There is an accurate round grip on the top of the hole, which is a simple way to make the wheel shaft. They are also used when objects need to be firm but without racks.

Screw implant (screw without cap):

Throughout the entire length of the screw is covered with a threaded image, used to fix the shaft when rotating. They are also used in pulleys, roasts, belts, handles between other objects.

Above can be said but very complete information for you or customers can help identify and choose the type of screw so that it can be used reasonably with your needs in the most reasonable way when They were able to distinguish them from the screw head.

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