Application of screw bolts in the mechanical industry

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Application of screw bolts in the mechanical industry

Screw bolt is a device that is widely used in the mechanical industry, making assembly work closely, adjusting machine parts quickly and effectively in life. good living in construction work.

Due to the removable nature, installation of machine parts quickly, simply and conveniently in the mechanical industry, bolts and screws are divided into many types and pharmaceuticals widely applied in many different mechanical industries. .

Application of Screws:

- Implantable screw: has two threaded ends and is used to pair thick parts with bolts. Thick details will be made of materials with lower durability than bolts to avoid damaging the thread holes after mounting.

- Equal hexagonal screw: This type is commonly used in mechanical field with hexagonal head shape to increase its ability to tighten into machine parts more quickly and simply.
- Pake head screw (Philips head screw) with 2 grooves deep on the surface of the screw, usually use a pake screwdriver to twist. Pake head screws for tightening force are relatively strong and have high aesthetics so it is now used to replace slotted head screws.
- Submerged hexagon head screws: For more stable force, hexagonal head sinks in holes so it is easy to close dust, grease needs to be cleaned before screwing.
- Stainless steel self-tapping screws: are the screw in the nose which is cut in the form of fish tail to make self-tapping screws easily dig into steel materials, wood, cimenboard, plaster ... without having to drill.
- 3D screw: Smooth 3D threaded screw is a kind of smooth lace products used in steel core plastic doors, smooth and sweet, meeting Vietnamese standards.
- Corrugated iron screw: special screw is specially designed to fire the iron because when using corrugated iron if there are no types of screws, it will make the iron roof to be saturated with rain, rust affect the durability of Corrugated screw.
- Wood-fired screw: A common mechanical product specialized in serving all magnetic objects used to shoot on materials made from wood.

Application of Bolt:

- Anchor bolts: are made of carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel (stainless steel), metal, colored alloys, there are many different types of nail bolts such as U, I and J bolts, L

- Durable level bolts: Bolts' durability is the ability to withstand its shear resistance in joints and based on this durability, people divide the bolts into different levels. In the mechanical industry, mainly using metric bolts at levels 8.8, 10, 9 and 12.9 they are also called high-strength bolts.
- Hexagon bolts: This is the most common type of bolt and is widely used in the field of mechanical fabrication with various types such as submerged hexagonal bolts, submerged hexagonal bolts, tapered hexagonal bolts. flat, top hexagonal bolts though ...
- Pink-eared bolts are also known as wing-wing bolts used to assemble and tighten details. Made of stainless steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and surface treated with galvanized to limit air corrosion.

Thanks to the application of bolt and screw products in the mechanical industry, the installation of machine parts is more complete, need to select bolts and screws suitable for each use to bring integrity.

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